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When you or a loved one has suffered an injury due to a slip and fall accident, the injuries can be severe.  Not only are broken bones or sprains extremely likely, but your back, neck, head and other limbs are also at risk when you slip and fall.  If you have suffered injuries from a slip and fall accident, you should consider Miami Gardens Physical Therapy and Rehab Center.



3 Common Injuries from Slip and Fall Accident That Require Physical Therapy  

Traumatic Brain Injury:  Consider what typically happens when someone slips and falls:  in many cases, their feet slide forward, thrusting their legs outward and directly in front.  Because the movement happens so fast, the individual often doesn’t have the time to prepare properly for their fall, and the result is a blow to the back of the head.  Depending on how hard the slip and fall victim’s head strikes the ground, they may or may not suffer from broken skin and/or a Traumatic Brain Injury.

Herniated Disk:  The spine is made up of a long line of small bones.  Between each of those bones is a soft material called a disk. That disk cushions the bones along the spinal cord that receive messages from the brain and send those messages to the body parts to which they are intended.  A herniated disk occurs when that disk slips from its intended position between those small bones that make up the spine.  This injury can lead to numbness, pain, and weakness throughout the arms and legs.

Broken Hip(s):  Broken hips are amongst the most common injuries in received in slip and fall accidents. This injury can cause immobility, extreme discomfort and typically requires both surgery and physical therapy in Miami.

How Miami Gardens Physical Therapy and Rehab Center Can Help 

When you experience an injury from a slip and fall in Miami, you have two calls to make.  First, you need to see your doctor.  Even a seemingly small bump to the head can lead to more serious complications.  Or what may seem like just a stiff neck shouldn’t be ignored.  Your doctor can give you a full assessment and recommend a treatment plan to aid you in a full recovery.

Your next call should be to a physical therapist in Miami.  Your team at Miami Gardens Physical Therapy and Rehab Center will customize a treatment plan for you and your injuries – and you will receive a top-level customer service experience that you can only receive from your team at Miami Gardens Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center.

Physical Therapy for Slip and Fall Accidents in Miami

If you need a physical therapist in Miami for a slip and fall accident, reach out to us today.  With your Miami Gardens Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center team by your side as you embark on your road to recovery, you will heal to your maximum potential, likely much faster than you will if you choose NOT to do physical therapy.  We operate under the belief that your rehabilitation is a team effort, and helping you heal is our priority.  Call us today to get started at  (305) 952-3139  Let’s do this together!

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